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Global Advanced Waste Water Remediation

Providing Clean Water through Natural Biological Innovations and Advanced Electro chemistry Technologies

Clearwater Carbon Capture (C3) is an environmentally driven company that offers the most advanced and efficient technologies in the water remediation industry - from all sectors - specialising in the cleaning of polluted and waste waters using a combination of advanced patented technological and natural biological innovations. We have the technology to remediate large commercial and municipal water projects that are both economically feasible and successful.

Our holistic design approach using innovative, patented technologies enables the economic utilisation of conventional - and unconventional - water sources for reuse to expand clean water supply for both the food production industry as well as direct human consumption. Our innovative natural biological and technological designs are driven by our focus on environmental protection. Our advanced technical system designs use and incorporate sustainable green renewable energy and significantly reduce CO2 emissions.

Commercialised Water Remediation Applications

C3 focuses on providing clean, remediated, and reusable water. We are passionate about conserving our precious water reserves, which is why we utilise technology in the following applications:

Oil Fields                                      Bilge Water
Cleaning of Frack Waste Water      Aquaculture
Municipal Water Treatment           Lake Eutrophication
Waste Water Remediation             Agriculture

"When the well is dry, we know the worth of water" BENJAMIN FRANKLIN (1706-1790)

Clearwater Carbon Capture Limited, 2015