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Frac Flowback Water Treatment from Clearwater Carbon Capture

Clearwater Carbon Capture’s CLEAN-FRAC™ system is a continuous, chemical free, process to efficiently remove organics, such as crude oil, and suspended solids and bacteria from process water such as produced by ‘frac flowback’ water.

Testing has shown that the CLEAN-FRAC system reduces organics, as measured by Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD), by as much as 98% and reduces Total Suspended Solids by as much as 99% in the matter of minutes.

The CLEAN-FRAC system consists of three integrated modules:
  • Single Step Extraction™ (SSE) tubular reactors designed to break the oil and water emulsion and to neutralize the charge on oil droplets and suspended solids, therefore coalescing the particles within the water phase.
  • The proprietary gas flotation concentrator specifically designed to lift the coalesced oil and solids to the surface of the water where a rake and dewatering belt will then separate the oil and solids from the water.
  • Supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) system to measure input and output parameters and automatically control the process through proprietary algorithms.

The CLEAN-FRAC can be used as a standalone system for the separation and potential recovery of organics from produced or frac flowback water, enabling clients to reuse their process water for further fracturing or flooding operations. Reusing the water significantly reduces trucking and disposal costs, and may soon be increasingly required by regulators.


By integrating the functional modules of the OriginOil CLEAN-FRAC system into a single piece of equipment, clients can simplify their operation, lower capital cost and reduce their operational labour cost and footprint.
  • CLEAN-FRAC requires minimal energy and is chemical free, thereby lowering operational costs and simplifying downstream water recycling issues.
  • CLEAN-FRAC is an inline system with continuous operation capability.
  • CLEAN-FRAC operates without pre-filtering in most cases. CLEAN-FRAC has been shown to expedite the settling of heavy particulates in some instances.
Separation & recovery of organics from frac flowback water

Process Description

The CLEAN-FRAC makes use of the proven technology and performance of OriginOil’s Single Step Extraction systems for algae dewatering and cell rupture which have been in the field since 2010.

Systems with aggregate capacity of 150 GPM have been built and in the proving stage at a demonstration-scale algae production and carbon capture recycling site in Australia.

Key Features
  • As much as 98% reduction in organics as measured by COD
  • Reduces TSS and colour (PtCo CU) by as much as 99%
  • Removal of heavy materials
  • Breaks oil/water emulsion
  • Designed for unattended operation
  • Continuous inline treatment
  • Proven scalable

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