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C3, along with its partners, has developed a number of advanced patented designs using a combination of technological and natural biological innovations. These provide cost effective water remediation, increased food production and sustainable renewable energy solutions for use in the following sectors: of aquaculture, agriculture, petrochemical industry, fracking (shale gas), mining, shipping (tank washout/ballast water), sewage treatment, and lake & reservoir recovery preventing the occurrence of harmful Blue Green algae, and reducing levels of Nitrogen and phosphorus in water bodies, as well as the production and harvesting of algal biomass from waste water as a bi-product.

  • Patented nano-tech designs and processes to create enhanced diatoms (micro-algae) cultures to provide sustainable and natural biological purification of polluted waste waters. Diatom algae are significant organisms for biological purification of polluted and waste water since they are able to accumulate plant nutrients, heavy metals, pesticides, organic and inorganic toxic substances and radioactive matters in their cells/bodies. Through our research and patented designs drawing from nanotechnology we have harnessed and improved the ability of diatoms to clean polluted and waste waters.
  • Patented designs and processes for aquaculture that improves fish and shrimp productivity; increaseshealthy fish and cleans water in an environmentally sustainable production for use in fresh water or marine, hatchery, nursery or growout ponds.
  • Patented designs and processes for agriculture and horticulture using our nano-nutrient foliar spray that contains all the micro nutrients required by crops and trees. Our designed foliar spray maximises crop yields whilst minimising the usage of pesticides, fertilizers and herbicides, which in turn benefits rural watershed management by reducing pollutants entering the water bodies from the rural water shed.
  • Electro Water Separation (EWS). The EWS process is a chemical free, low energy continuous process that efficiently removes oils, suspended solids, insoluble organics and bacteria from waste water through a unique combination of two major processes, electro-coagulation and electro-flotation. The EWS modular systems have been designed for a number of applications to meet the current increasing needs of companies that use water at some stage in their production chain. EWS systems are designed to meet and surpass increasing regulations for water quality and waste water discharge. EWS patented technology provides substantial cost benefits in the following sectors: petrochemical industry, fracking (shale gas), mining, shipping (tank washout/ballast water), sewage treatment, agriculture and aquaculture.
    Further applications for EWS are currently are being piloted. EWS, being a modular system is easily transportable and up-scalable. EWS units have low energy requirements and will run on solar or wind energy that make these units it ideal for areas that experience difficulty providing a constant power supply or experience power shortages.
  • The development of on-site sustainable energy from the waste from large buildings, shopping malls and hospitals. This innovative patented technology treats waste water and uses CO2 and organic waste from buildings to feed phytoplankton (micro-algae) in closed tanks fitted for roofs, terraces or fašades of buildings, and produces algal biomass which can be turned into energy in situ.

                                               "When the well is dry, we know the worth of water" BENJAMIN FRANKLIN (1706-1790)

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