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Clearwater Carbon Capture Limited (C3) is a company with concern for sustainability of resources with a specialist focus on water. The company refined its focus subsequent to a request for intellectual input around the issue of fish farming in response to the fast declining stocks of cod in the North Sea.

These initial informal - discussions back in 2010 escalated led to the company being sought out by an increasing number of individuals in both the scientific and public sectors and drove the formal incorporation into a limited company with both commercial and scientific interests, on 25th January 2013.

Even before incorporation, a central recurring theme was not just about fish stocks but about the wider issues of water quality, and water remediation and water based biomass production that form essential components of the Food-water-energy Nexus. What was clear from available research was that increasing demands for clean water for human consumption, food production and industry were quickly reaching a critical point where demand for clean water would outstrip supply.

In a report published by the 2030 Water Resources Group (WRG)[1] it is estimated that by 2030 - under an average economic growth scenario and if no efficiency gains are assumed - global water requirements will grow by approximately 53%, from 4,500 billion m3 today to 6,900 billion m3. This is 40% above current accessible and reliable supply. Research has identified that many countries face water scarcity as a fundamental challenge to their economic and social development including many of the countries and regions that drive global economic growth.

The challenge facing global water resources - and the need to carefully manage these resources - has increased pressure on governments and companies to address water risks. The water remediation sector is rapidly expanding into a multi-billion dollar market offering excellent returns on investment.

In early 2013 the company brought together a number of experts from the Scientific, Renewable Energy, Water Remediation, Environmental Engineering and Carbon Reduction sectors as well as financial expertise to create a synergy of advanced technical know-how. It proposes and put forward new and disruptive innovative patented designs and system treatment capabilities that will allow the economic utilisation of conventional and unconventional water sources to expand the water supply for use in water remediation, food production an sustainable energy supply.

[1] Charting our Water Future, 2030 Water Resources Group, 2009

                                               "When the well is dry, we know the worth of water" BENJAMIN FRANKLIN (1706-1790)

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